Sono.Media Artificial Intelligence

For Innovative Wireless Sound Systems
Sono.Media are working with modernized innovative sound systems like Naim Mu-So, Amazon Alexa, Sonos and others.
Sono as a result of upgrade and modernization innovative sound systems with smart functions.
Live listening made better and private
Sono focused beam inaudible to others create amazing sound vibrations directly inside your ears.
Innovative smart sound system Sono emits a tightly-focused beam of audible sound to an individual or group. A focused beam, which can be transmitted directly into an individual's ear and inaudible to others in the area.
Sono Active Noise Control
Capturing the ambient noise of your environment and create zones of quiet.
Maybe dampening the noise around you will do it. Or perhaps you want to amplify the voice of a soft-spoken friend in a loud restaurant. Sono allow you to customize the sound around you for the best experience.

Adaptive algorithms are designed to analyze the waveform of the background aural or nonaural noise, then based on the specific algorithm generate a signal that will either phase shift or invert the polarity of the original signal. This inverted signal (in antiphase) is then amplified and a transducer creates a sound wave directly proportional to the amplitude of the original waveform, creating destructive interference. This effectively reduces the volume of the perceivable noise.
Go Deeper
Sono.Media is a wireless smart sound system alive with innovation.
At its heart sits an active arrangement of amplifiers inspired by the technology we developed to create the ultimate audio system for Bentley.

Six 75 watt amplifiers deliver a total of 450 watts of power, paired with a carefully designed porting system for serious bass kick from a small cabinet.

Power means nothing without control. That's why Mu-so features a 32-bit digital signal processor capable of millions of calculations per second. It's the audio brain of the system, running software fine-tuned in our listening room to extract every last drop of performance from your music.
Freedom of Communication
Hands-free private mobile communication without any cell phones or earphones.
With Sono, you can talk to almost anyone hands-free - no tapping or searching required. Your contacts will see your number when they receive the call so they know who is calling. Set up your voice profile and teach Sono to recognize your voice. When you say, "Sono, Call Mom", Sono will call your mom, even if you have multiple users in your home. Additionally, you can send messages via voice or text to anyone with a supported device or the Sono App.

With the Drop In feature enabled for room-to-room calling, instantly connect with compatible devices in your home. Let your household know when dinner is ready, ask someone for help with a chore, or remind the kids to go to sleep - without having to raise your voice.
Listener's Ears Location
Localization in zero-knowledge calibration of a listener moving in a room.
Algorithm for simultaneous localization and mapping based on multipath propagation inside a room. The measurement of distances between the listener and the walls are sufficient to use an algorithm that estimates listener's trajectory precisely, and recovers the geometry of the room. We address of jointly localizing a listener in an unknown room and estimating the room geometry from echoes. A completely autonomous setup with (near) collocated microphone and the acoustic source.
Future-Ready Voice Control
Use your voice and the Sono app to control and manage all in one place.
Tucked under the light ring is an array of seven microphones that use beam-forming technology and enhanced noise cancellation. Sono has improved wake-word performance to hear you ask a question from any direction - even in noisy environments or while playing music at loud volumes.
Smart Home Experience
Switch on the lamp without getting out of bed, turn on the fan or space heater while reading in your favorite chair, or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie—all without lifting a finger. With Sono, you can also see live video feeds from compatible smart cameras without opening an app on your phone.
Lets you voice-control thousands of different smart home devices such as lights, switches, TVs, thermostats and more from over 1,200 unique brands.
Multi-room speakers
Smart device-controlled wireless speakers. Play the same music in every room, or different music in different rooms. Start with one. Add more later.
Expands easily
Sono.Media can integrate a full family of wireless speakers designed to grow with you. Start with one and add more at any time.
Bose + Voice. Now you're talking.
Play music. Turn it up. Or even ask what's playing. Without lifting a finger.
Enjoy hands-free voice access to your music on speakers using any enabled device—like the Amazon Echo Dot. Just open the app. Search for "Bose" under the menu. Then follow the simple one-time setup.
So what can you do? Plenty. Start your funk playlist in the kitchen. Turn the volume up or down. Change tracks. Find out what's playing. And even control where it's playing—from the speaker in your kitchen to the speaker in your bedroom.
Streaming services
Stream music from your favorite device without wires.
Introducing Sono for Business
Using Sono for Business, organizations can deploy Sono-enabled devices across a variety of locations, including at employees' desks, in conference rooms, and in common locations throughout the workplace. Administrative features provide organizations with the ability to manage skills, users, and devices across organizations. Skills or groups of skills are deployed directly to devices provisioned within the organization. These can be selectively enabled across rooms or types of rooms that you define.

If you are creating skills specific to your business or on behalf of an organization, you can choose to publish skills privately to an Sono for Business account rather than the public Store. The Skill Management API command-line tool enable you to incorporate this into manual or automated workflows.
Sono for Business is a service that makes it easy for organizations to use Sono in the workplace. This opens up new opportunities for developers to build skills that help organizations and employees use Sono to get more done in less time.
Acoustic Biometric Recognition
Conventional ear acoustic authentication is audible to the human ear and tends to cause discomfort that interferes with work, concentration and hearing ambient sound. This new technology reinforces security through full-time (constant) recognition that does not interfere with the behavior or work of users.

The technology accurately identifies individuals by measuring acoustic characteristics that represent the shape of a user's ear canal. Smart system with microphones, emit high-frequency (18 to 48 kHz) inaudible sound, which is then reflected from the ear canal and captured by the microphones. Analysis of the reflected sounds enables the characteristics of an individual's ear canal to be determined.
Biometric recognition technology that identifies individuals by measuring the differences in the shapes of ear cavities with sound that is inaudible to the human ear.
Audible field for select animals (audible frequency range). Technology uses sound of 18 to 48 kHz (wavelength: 7 to 18 mm) that is inaudible to humans.
Conventional technology
Innovative technology
Sound that is inaudible to the human ear is sent, and individuals are identified by the reflected sound.
The differences in the shape of the ear canal, which is unique for each person, can be measured using audible sound and inaudible sound
Desktop computer
Sono.Media Artificial Intelligence
Hear Better
We want to help you hear every word of your conversations. Sono are conversation-enhancing sound system that are specially designed to help you hear in louder environments. Active Noise Control makes any conversation in a noisy place easier and more comfortable, taking the edge off the noisy world. Focus on the voices you want to hear—and filter out the noises you don't—so you can comfortably hear every word. From now on, how you hear is up to you.
Focused conversation
Turn down the noise for everything except what's in front of you.
Group conversation
When it's loud, tune in to who you want to hear.
When you prefer a different volume than others when watching TV together.
Live performance or streamed—you control the sound.
Research & Development
Looking and connect the use-ready technologies.
Experts arrangement
Best experts develop and tell about necessary measures.
Making first samples
Start of big working.
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